Trog Discord Bot

A discord bot that can send messages from a discord channel to a channel in rAthena and back! Keep your in-game players in contact with your offline community!

It can be leveraged for other features, like recording @requests to a discord channel so your GM team can stay on top of supporting your players! This will come in a future update.

This is similar to roCORD, but technically this was first :D. This also performs much better than other implementations.

Adding discord bot.

Add the Trog Server Bot from the member list on the Troglodytes discord, then use /setup in your discord server!

In order to not overload your server with spam, I recommend turning on slowmode on your discord channels.



Setting this config will send all @requests to this channel

discord_request_category [Premium Only]

@requests sent from a character creates a new discord channel in this category. Any message in this discord channel gets sent back to the character. This is great to help players while the GMs aren't online, as they can respond from discord.


Price is based on feature set.



Custom Requests: